Products / Surveying Instrument / Electronic Theodolite
Model No. GT-116(L)
Technical Parameter 5"
Telescope Image Erect
Magnification Ratio 30X
Effective Aperture of Object Lens 45mm 
Angle of View 1o30'
Shortest Visibility Distance 1.35m 
Stadia Multiplication Constant 100
Stadia Addition Constant 0
Resolution 3"
Angle Measuring System Mode of Angle Measurement Photoelectric Incremental Reading
Min. Reading 1"  5"
Detection Method H: Both Sides     V: Single Side
Precision of Angle Measurement 5"
Unit of Angle DEG  MIL  GON
Display Both
Optical plummet Image  Erect
Magnification Ratio
Angle of View 5o
Focusing Range 0.5m ~ ∞
Sensitivity of vial tubular vial 40"/2mm
circular vial 8'/2mm
Ambient Temperature  -20oC ~ +50 oC
Power Supply Battery  Alkaline battery Rechargeable Ni-H Battery
Source Voltage 4.8V
Duration of Operation Alkaline battery 36h
Weight of Instrument 4.6kg 
Dimensions 164×154×340mm