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Applications and functions
Model No. GPI-ZL20
Accuracy (Upward laser)  ±2.5mm / 100M
Accuracy (Downward laser)  ±1mm / 1.5M
Plate level sensitivity  20" / 2mm 
Telescope Image  Erect 
Magnification  25 X 
Field of view  1° 50' 
Objective lens  36mm 
Focus  0.8m 
Laser  (upward) Wave length  635nm 
Laser class  2(IEC60825-1:2001-11)
Laser Range  Day≧I50m Night≧250m 100m (visible from eyepiece) 
Output power  < lmw, Adjustable 
Beam spot diameter ≦3mm / 50M
Upward Error between telescope sight axis and vertical axis ≦5"
Error between laser axis and sight axis ≦5"
Laser Plummet Wave length 635nm
Laser class 2(IEC 60825-1 :2001-11)
Working distance 0.5~80m
Output power < lmw, Adjustable
Accuracy ± lmm / 1.5M
Battery 2pcs alkaline batteries or rechargeable battery 
Operation temperature  -20°C ~ +50°C
Weight 2.8kg