Products / Surveying Instrument / Electronic Theodolite
Model No. GL-732
Telescope  Magnification 32X
Image Erect
Objective aperture 42mm
Min. focusing distance 0.4m
Stadia multiplication constant
Stadia additive constant 0
Resolution ≤4″
Pattern of stadia reticle  
Compensator Working range ±15'
Compensating error ≤±0.3″/1′
Setting accuracy ≤±0.5″
Scale Scale graduation range 360°/400G
Scale minimum value 1°/lgon
GO/RE observations error 1.5 mm/km
Sensitivity of circular bubble 8'/2mm
Base screw  M16 or 5/8″for option
Environmental -25℃-+50℃
Carry case Plastic case(Aluminum case for potion with extra cost)
Weight 1.745kg